What is AudioBurst.com?
AudioBurst is a curation and search site for radio. Recently launched in beta, AudioBurst.com renders talk radio in real-time, making radio content accessible on digital outlets at any time and available for search engines to index it.

How does AudioBurst.com work?
AudioBurst’s engine transcribes and understands the meaning of auditory content in real-time, providing unique offering to internet users, radio broadcasters, publishers and app developers. The live audio streams are captured into short clips that carry a verbal idea called “bursts” giving users segments based on content from various stations across the country. These bursts are “shareable” for social networks and “embeddable” for bloggers.

Not an easy task to do, mind you, but in our view, it is important for us to take an audio stream and break it up so that our bursts focus on the most interesting aspect of a radio segment, one that our users will find memorable viral as well.

Why radio?
There are over 15,000 radio stations in America. Every single day they broadcast more than 370,000 hours of unique content. Yet, if you try to search online for various radio segments/interviews, unless it is a segment that has gone viral worldwide or on a radio station site with exceptional search capabilities, chances are you won’t be able to find what you are looking for. The Internet has been remarkable to all kinds of content, but radio online still seems stuck in 1999.

In the future, the company AudioBurst is looking to change this, as we feel that auditory media will play an important role in the future of society and overall, our vision is to organize all the audio information in the world.

What does AudioBurst mean for radio broadcasters?
For radio broadcasters, AudioBurst.com looks to create bursts based on all radio content across the country that automatically transform their content into digital assets, making it easier to spread-out and monetize.
The company AudioBurst can partner with radio stations to provide tools that offer broadcasters a premium partnership option where they receive a guaranteed minimum of three bursts a week promoted through our website and social media channels. Broadcasters are automatically notified every time a burst is created from their content.

Wait, is AudioBurst stealing content from radio stations and broadcasters?
No. AudioBurst is a service for radio broadcasters, designed to help them market and promote their best content through our platform. Radio stations can use our bursts to not only market their clips, but to monetize their content and to improve their SEO reach.

How many stations in the U.S. are currently being monitored by AudioBurst? Does AudioBurst monitor music as well?
As of now, we are monitoring hundreds of stations daily. As for music, AudioBurst only monitors talk radio/spoken word on the radio, as we feel the music on the radio is already a well-serviced function of the online experience for users.

So, does this mean AudioBurst can monitor satellite radio?
At this time, AudioBurst is solely capable of monitoring terrestrial radio, but it’s something we’re considering for the future.

What additional services does AudioBurst offer or plan to offer in the future?
We are currently developing several additional options for the market, including:

  • AudioBurst API – A rich developer kit designed to help an audio-based business or a company that wants to enhance its app with audio that has been aired on the radio
  • AudioBurst for Publishers – Technology that helps syndicate talk-radio content for publishers on any topic, updated automatically in real-time and customizes for each publisher separately
  • Radio Alerts – Like Google Alerts but for radio: write any keyword and get alerts directly to your mailbox once this keyword is being said on any radio outlet in America

When was the company founded?
The company was founded in 2015 by CEO Amir Hirsh and Chairman Ben Enosh. Amir is a serial entrepreneur who has founded and headed multiple startups in various fields and Ben is an experienced entrepreneur with an extensive background in leading early stage technology-based companies. For more information, you are welcome to visit our company website at corp.audioburst.com