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Listen: "You gotta give something to these players out here, cuz they deserve a good chunk of the blame for this."

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Bruce Bennett
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Was a good coach you know get hired immediately after it if if this is the end of his tenure in Boston but I feel like some people on the other side are making this argument like you know criticism of quote is so far beyond a paling was not to stick all that stuff that I just was that off the whip strictly on Claude Julien who won a proud guys in net in that locker room who let that happen to they don't Chara led all those things happen Patrice Bergeron you know I mean it wasn't just quote please you got to give some duties to these players out here does they deserve a good chunk of the blame for this and I think they know that you know you talk a Birdie say don't put any of this on court that's another hockey players are a little bit differ when it comes the sorts of things but really I mean they could use right he's right but you also can't deny that all this happen under close watch along with a good things you had six horrible horrible ending steer seasons and I think that's something that just needs to be needs to be brought up and then and maintained when you when you have this conversation if you wanna be honest about it and I know a lot of people I caught I like load I think what he leaves is going to be a big void try to fill in for but I mean where the other thing everybody keep saying as well you wanna fire code when you want to bring in it's not like there's no people out there I'm kind and they have the idea that maybe bringing up one of these college coaches you know what I know the BU ABC nothing's happening there but Jim Matt again they leave him norm AZ three of the top might not right now all three of those guys probably due for a shot at the NHL and listen it well core did a lot of great things while he was here it's not like he's going to be the coaching the team for their end of time I mean it's not like you know he's going to stick around forever nine years a long time he's going to continue to coach in the NHL he may even go coach a team you play a lot and that's gonna suck but you know what this Bruins team needs to rebuild now that's what I've that's what we've all sort of learned here they started tilt and then midway through the season decided the push rather chips in goal Forte it didn't work you can't compound that problem by continuing to pretend like this team is a real contender in a real playoff team went two years straight it showed they are and that's not wholly clothes fault it is not but you got a new GM you got to have a bunch new players.