Why Hasn't The USS Iowa's Bell And Silverware Been Returned To The Ship?

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while your own wondering around they so have very nice model of the information US'S I whether we have in the capital and show sure did, the first thing that asked body and there's a bell that there was a lot of LA and I've been campaigning for quite some time now to get the bell back when she belongs along with the the so where from the silver on the from the US is island that will be back on the USS Iowa by setting is the Scotty alone from the US Navy and as long as we get the navy to agree to move it then we just made the political will to do it do you think of the subway belongs in the US asylum. Well I think it belongs wherever those people can see it and we're ever that is I certainly support now you US Navy will allowed to be moved to inappropriate place near there's sure there will be cared for this secure it would certainly help to have the political support of these states leadership in that effort I am sure we can get that some should get that support the was more appropriate them back on the US as Iowa, well I'm kind of partial ships I think I know I thought you should that's that's of the show you would agree that is the most appropriate place on trying to put you in the politics of making apology for and that not doing that will you donate of the shine away from this stuff let's put you in the middle of Iowa politics the on the set a shouldn't be move by the wound up to putting you in the middle of the fight provision . many other bills and silver services are back aboard the ships me where they