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Listen: "Thirty two points for the Trail Blazers over the Warriors so they pick up their fifth loss of the year"

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Chris Covatta
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How much I love a little ration if you listen for any regular period of time I'm always try to dropping to later ration in any way I'm successful it's my favorite literary tool So far this edition of man crush Monday we've got the D he's working first of all day or devil Denny for winning at Daytona their devil deadly Daytona five hundred winner that could be my Monday hash tag could it not our Sunday hashed I guess what problem So we got their double Danny we've got Damian Lillard y el weekend for him if you were watching on Friday night and it was in a game that was carried out of market but at times and be a TB would drop in highlight but the national game at that our and that window was Jazz and Celtics that's what I was watching and I was getting highlights on Twitter and for many eighteen me from Portland Golden State This was a blowout and I know what usually follows is blowout for Golden State all all it was the ball out thirty two points the Trail Blazers over the Warriors so they picked up their fifth loss in the air but the bigger point is that Damian Lillard had fifty one and then against Utah on Sunday night but of thirty two died no but he was pretty ticked off he felt very jilted and snubbed in rejected when he did not get put on the All-Star team whether by vote or by selection he did not make the All-Star team and for people are not paying attention to the Blazers this year you know they lost four starters from last year including LaMarcus Aldridge who is now with the Spurs and Lillard is the only remaining starter and a bar with better we really low for Lillard really well well for Lillard and for the Blazers not just for Lillard but that he couldn't be the guy they could build around by himself who would be able to lead this team Back to relevance except the Blazers are on a tear and most of that is because Lillard is on a tear and how much do you think that has to do with it being snubbed in for the All-Star Game and All-Star Weekend of course it does this kind of stuff his powerful motivation and so they won nine of their last ten he had over the weekend eighty one points in the month of February he's averaging nearly thirty listen to his last four games thirty fifty one thirty one thirty three and in that Ryan is in those four games the Blazers have been Utah Golden State Houston and Memphis now three of those games have been home but he is taking his game to another level and he's carrying the Blazers with him so Damian Lillard and you know you deflecting begin everyone needs to deflect this time of year they got a long way to go but the batted their even in the playoff picture right now is impressive <silence> <silence> with his stick stocks trust me just making plays <silence> So we've got their double Danny and Damian Lillard two candidates for Monday about Anthony Davis is that what he described The Brow with the D word doesn't mean like you do The Brow dominate his face Indians dense hair a good point I think it it not only dominate his face would dens hair but it really dictate what does the dictate I'm not really sure way dictate that was the next where the came to mind.