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House Republicans Seek Cash For 'Endangered' Colleagues

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Win McNamee
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I wanna give you this latest a two or three top house republicans posted a conference call today in washington urging republican lawmakers the plenty of cash to endangered colleagues more than eighty lawmakers joined the call was organized by two our own california house majority leader kevin mccarthy majority whips steve so we so boise outta and the number three republican representative for patrick mchenry of of north carolina is the chief deputy whip i want you to understand was what we said earlier pat republicans understand but donald trump is going down to defeat so what they're going to do now is trying to save a houses so it and the fact that they believe that the house of representatives is now threaten is very important all the emails what i've gotten well we but on the year the solicitation hs are from the democrats to raise money for sent in the house races so this next twenty days is gonna be far stadium election night you are gonna be sitting here and we're going to be monitoring carefully house and senate races right because if it is president hillary clinton there she is the next president reunited states and if as was indicated tonight the supreme court the furrey first question the chris wallace fast moving then democratic control the senate will be critical for hillary clinton go what she was a by the way i want up chime in right away so fuck chris wallace get a very good job i think it was the best debate moderate are a few will we've had and i i'm not a big fan of of chris who sometimes leads to the right weasel fox but tonight he did a great job yeah he's he's pretty smart and he's pretty good it staying on point and trying to bring them back as well and it is true that there was the miss behavior by the two candidates tonight it seemed as if hillary was more willing to go beyond the time that she was supposed to go then donald trump but i think that she actually did that in a calculated way i think it was intentional to show her command to show that she doesn't have to play by the rules because she's that strong the leader and i salute you aside as you say that because you're exactly right that's exactly what she wanted to do she was in command eighty eight tennis the telephone our let's.