Chef Mark Reinfeld Introduces Vegan Secrets To Other Top Chefs

Chef Mark Reinfeld, author of Vegan Fusion, has more than 20 years experience preparing creative vegan and raw food cuisine. He speaks about his work teaching other chefs about exciting ways to prepare vegan food.

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"A lot of them just thought that it would be bland, and you can't really do much with it, so it's really cool to show them what's possible."

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So you talked about consult, consulting you do consulting with restaurants as well , you said you do consulting or retraining chefs which is interesting lets talk about that first, most chefs are not trained in cooking not only vegan you would think every chef has learnt how to cook a vegetable but they really did not learn to cook them low fat with less salt, in fact every chef that I have ever spoken to, they said we never taught to cook without oil. -Right. -And that's part of it you are not only teaching them to cook vegetables and you are not only teaching them to create these masterful dishes, but you are teaching them how to make them more healthy. - That's the goal ya, I just actually was up in DC for the training and I did a two day chef training for Bon Appetit management company they are owned by the Compass Group which is the largest food service provider so they have accounts where they run the food at hospitals, and corporate headquarters,  and universities, and so I did a two day training for some of their executive chefs  and the the day service and there was someone from, executive chef from Wolfgang Pucks was there and executive chef from John Hopkins University and the museum in DC and other  colleges in the area and one of them was the executive chef for the New England Patriots at one point and its really fun for me to work with other chefs who already have the grasp of the basics so we can really dive into the nuances of vegan and raw food cuisine. - So how do a lot of these chefs, who have been cooking for years and you its like when I work with physicians who have been practicing for many years we have teach them to unlearn so many bad behaviors and I can imagine that can be very similar when you are working with these chefs, true? - Yes, and like two of them contacted me, one was actually the district manager for the organization and he said he spent his whole culinary career, he said poo-pooing vegetarian cuisine and now his eyes were open and another chef emailed saying basically the same thing so a lot of them just thought that it would be bland, and you can't really do much with it, so its really cool to show them whats possible.