WWII Vet Describes In Detail The Horrors He Witnessed When Arriving At Dachau

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Moved from Mannheim to Dachau - that's a concentration camp - on Tuesday, May 1st, 1945. In Dachau, we saw the crematorium and gas chambers used on the fru - refugees and forced labor, and after they had been starved and worked almost to death. There were also about 50 railroad cars full of bodies. Spent the night in Dachau and moved to Munich the next - next day. Boy, that was - that was - I'll never forget that, never. Bodies falling out of - you know, in the boxcars, laying on the ground. They were just piled up everywhere. And there were some already in the crematory that was - hadn't burned completely. When we went in there, we went in there about a day - two days after the Army went through there, you know. They went through there and we went in there. The dogs were - the master was - I think he was up on - he was up on top of the pile. There's all these dead bodies, and this dog - dog was - is out there howling all night at the top of the - where the guys were. And I was on guard duty that night. And that's all I heard, is that damned dog squawking, you know. And the master was - they killed him. And he - I guess he was up - he was up there, too.