Arizona Cardinals Coach Bruce Arians 'Tells It Like It Is'

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Christian Petersen
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You can ten all these statistics one if you wanna Chris by some to our game is great people are set one that my son plentiful because their DNA tests now I can give your kid and tell you the tested the job having a concussion or should they play a contact sport Avila got so so I four hundred but still get one the squeeze after hours with Lawrence Arizona Cardinals coach Barry and pulled no punches if a guy who tells it like it is or tells it as he fees it and while I'd I don't know that you should be judging other parents rather raise their kid's eyes that that with the Adam LaRoche situation who were you to tell Adam LaRoche How to raise his son and sober scary incident Collin parents pools will won't let their kids play football that the win like stream a lot of owners in coaches are pushing back on that end and while I'm not defending light Jerry Jones said or what Jimmer said there is still a lot of uncertainty about who will suffer a long-term brain injury and what rolled his Genetics played how many hit to the head due have to take or if it specific concussion this certain part of your head in that a certain time in your life we know that long-term head injuries don't occur and progress through fame in everyone if the course not just football football soccer where they practice using their head with the soccer ball boxing hockey now also wonder fire with a concussion lawsuit from former players what about UFA and I think you played out to me how oldest the sport USC's what twenty-four years old thirty-four I would thirty-four years old yeah well how I can remember being around that long deadly haven't been as popular for that long ninety-three that have glove is one of first started and we'll and you mentioned also that the players the athletes don't have a what fighters union so whoever is the next in line they fight there's no argument naked fight up to three or four times a year but just in general not having a union to fight for your right really puts those athlete cutter differed vetted so as a Younger sport morbid baby sport it's progress thing now in and will have to deal with this at some point here but the NFL is obviously the sport that's always under fire football ace is the most popular sport spectator sport the country in so this is where it all starts in the NFL should get credit for that being on the frontlines of it like it or not eight five five two one two fourteen two seven Brett is listening in San Jose welcomed after hours CBS Sports Radio.