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Listen: You know I think you're mercy started see that if if Chuck Pagano

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And joining us right now to talk about everything is happening Indiana Breer NFL network reporter you could follow him on Twitter Albert Breer in NFL Networks NFL game day morning Harry's this Saturday at noon Eastern in Sunday at nine AM Eastern his inn inby as we speak our good morning Thank you join us area are you guys were doing Gray an what changed for Jim are say because these seem like something he was set on doing in this team didn't reach a Super Bowl prior to the season and now all the sun Pagano in grades in a back it's weird there's no question about that and I think I have percent of the people holy you you talk to us never gonna be gone and I think there's a decent chance said an grace in my big on two you know a certain head coach and wound up their their place Pagano and so you know I think that's what's probably a matter of a couple different thing you know first I think one thing that can affect owners and when they see that we you know there's interest in their head coach there about the fire If you get that the market and I think that was one thing they did happen where you know I think you're mercy started see that if if Chuck Pagano forty like I know he would be on points a very well on the second thing I think I think in center here is looking at the market out there right an and maybe they could've landed Sean Payton I think paid would've seriously consider that began the quarterback but they don't win shot than what are you looking at make saving maybe an is that a long-term answer giving has age an for you looking at the coordinator pool an you know you have be competing for Adam Gase you gonna be competing for Josh McDaniel that you will want a that debut Knapp was so I think you put those two Oland together and I think it made because be owner the kind of maybe that back and look at it say they have so you know this is us all that an We made progress with three years and this year we played five different quarterbacks we still got it and the guys in the locker room well John you know and they're gonna play hard friend were never have that problem very clearly this year so you know I think you with number things coming together an and you know I I don't think things imperfect there I don't think you stick something younger you think some things that happen outfit that that all gets take care of overnight you know bright duly the people in there and that building are smart I think that they are well intentioned and I think the tension there was created in that building where the cause of a lot of problems and now they've got some time that the sit down and sort all those out opportunities shouldn't anymore the working relationship between Great San and Pagano well Wallace solid that's Kazmir okay cause I I I I I think you have to start Zimmer say there's a tremendous amount of pressure on the people that build a coming from ownership become is you know the best way to put this is Jim IRS analyst that in the Peyton Manning era fondly 14 years and you know seven straight years of 12 plus wins it you know Peyton Manning one I think what three MVP is there are you know bought they only won one championship an and you know and it all came to a very brought that and I think that's the backdrop forever that's happening now be they started the way you starter realized you know what I would have a quarterback like that yeah they sure pulling every lava makes sure work and so I think we kind of that their why is a lot of pressure on everyone in that building to get it done this year obvious Chuck was in a contract year NBA general Ryan would being in a contract year in 2016 you know and I think that is I think that was the backdrop of everything was you know Jim mercy looking back in the Peyton Manning era wanting more successful Andrew Luck care that he had during the Peyton Manning era i think having a little bit less patience because of that and it's very patient during the Peyton Manning era I think now on giving those guys.