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Jay Z Documentary 'Time: The Kalief Browder Story' To Release In January

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Mike Coppola
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Friday i will let's get to the rule was the somehow it is the bounce though the low breakfast jj and has announced his the new show that he doing time that really proud of terry that's going to err on tv networks by its sixth tight series of starts in january and other featured semantic green outlets about his life nephew guys don't know who kerley friday is the day the kind of explains it at a press conference it's basically cody rather ended up spending three years on record island anaheim mighty didn't come check it out his young man culture only incredible annual granted lee proud of yourself and what he's accomplished and i noticed it will call you and families who not handled but he's here today he's he's the horn nineteen in a lot of us with doing tonight on that note i am thank you four green unitas could eat innings yeah it's a really sad story because basically he was accused of stealing someone's backpack when the caught stats and we with the suspect for that he was interrogate eighties any within a stand but they send him to record island where he was rating which advocates never made it to the quiet room spent more than one thousand days in jail eight hundred of those dates with ben and solitary confinement wout going to go to cellphone rightly than he was released in two thousand thirteen from writers the charges were dropped but he ended up during a self and two thousand patients some guys terrible yet if they allowed him into the digit to try to kill so fouls six times can you imagine being in the effort quantum close dyson as backpack it was in you anaheim he would only sixteen years old an interesting documentary writer though you guys had that will be coming in january now let's talk about the rail okay this season to be from there was a time it's roughly on our tame mars not on the show anymore and it's saying their ratings jets crazy like twenty two percent.