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Kill The Silence, Monika Korra Tells Us Her Story Of Rape, Recovery And Helping Others

Monika Korra, an Olympic track hopeful, shares her intimate story of being raped as an 18 year old sophomore at Southern Methodist University in Dallas in order to help others who have experienced a similar hardships in their lives. She has committed her life to helping others with her book and her foundation, the Monika Korra Foundation which promotes awareness, change, and healing.

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"I have a story to tell and I just want to help other people that have been in the same situation."

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It was a normal night, right before finals were about to start and we were tired of studying for finals and myself and two of my girlfriends, we decided to accept the invitation to go to a student athlete party that night, so we went there, the three of us and another friend that drove us there. We stayed for a few hours but got tired and as runners, we knew that we were about to get up early the next morning to go out to run so we didn't want to go back too late. We called our friend, he came to pick us up but we never got as far as into his car that night. As we walked out of that party, we saw his car, it was parked right outside, right on the street next to the house, but before I knew it, suddenly another car came pulling up next to his and suddenly I had hands grabbing me from behind and I had a gun placed next to my head. My friends, of course, they tried to take a hold of me and tried to pull me towards them, but then the gun was placed to their heads so there was nothing they could do, they just had to let go of me. And I knew what was about to happen at that point and I realized quickly that it was more than one person it was actually, it was three men, in the van that night. They pulled me into their van and they took off at high speed and they stripped me of my clothing right away. So I realized that they were about to rape me. And that's what they did, one at a time, two at a time, three at a time. - Wow. And then the progression of this is, and thank goodness and you were strong and immediately made calls, I know people were horrified, they, your friends felt terrible, as you said, they wanted desperately to help you and so people also know this, that the men were convicted, correct? - That's right. Luckily, thanks to great, great work by Dallas PD they were all found, three days later, and two of them were in prison for life and one for 25 years. - Wow, wow. So now this happens and to, whatdo you decide you're going to do, moving forward in your life? - Exactly. Well for me it was, first of all it was to, to find back to normal life. That was my first goal. I just wanted to become the happy girl that I once used to be. And of course that took a while, after something like this, your world has been totally turned upside down and you have trust issues, and nightmares and a lot of challenges in the aftermath. But I realized that to find back to normal happy life, I'm the one in charge and I have to just do whatever it takes. But I had a lot of good help. Family, and friends that supported me through it all and that really brought me back to good life, and I realized during my healing process that this happens all the time, every day, all over the United States, all over the world, and I realized that I have to do something about this. I have a story to tell and I just want to help other people that have been in the same situation or that met any kind of challenge in life and that just need to see that it's possible to overcome it. So that became my mission in life, to just tell my story, share the things that I did that I felt brought me back to normal life. That's what I'm doing now. That's why I wrote this book, Kill The Silence, where I share my story openly and with a hope to help others in the same situation.