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Listen: Be Syrian heritage initiatives that tell you just mentioned

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Andrew Burton
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Be Syrian heritage initiatives that tell you just mentioned is a really remarkable attempt to try and use a combination of the latest technology of satellite images and just good old-fashioned reporting on the ground to trying to figure out what's going on I I visited meeting recently with the people who were leading that heritage initiatives and one of the things they also do I put this is really interesting if they want to all be ISIS Diddy us because every time ISIS are dynasty Islamic State everytime they blow up a a monument they immediately well-paid film it all in loving detail like pulling bones activists into shrine ain't getting rid of them i am demolished building they put it all in their website and they explained what they're doing and why so you can come vine what they themselves say we've satellite images second actually verify what's happening and then with the there've been there many attempts to actually a successful pounds and interview people living in areas under ISIS control find out what they themselves and seeing so when you put together dose different kinds of information you can get home reasonably good view of what's going on its not gonna complete but it a pupu a pretty good idea of how it's a range of terror how disruptive terrorist working have is has is a confirmed ear satisfaction that they're using died in my an they're using bulldozers on a Syrian sites can you confirm that on as far as I can tell from the things I've seen they they are they are doing things of that sort you can there's a lot of debate about the Skippy all of what they're doing an very often day they sort of provide decision from nation right all claim could be doing a lot more than they actually are so we do have to be very careful how can I say we do should not get done any panicked by things until we see direct evidence Alright let's move to this report that when I read it early it bothered me but then I thought you know there might be a game here there's been observation of the statue are is an artifacts being Hall the way by truck first sale that's thee anecdotal reports that means is going to the black market that means die he she's not looking just to challenge honest with of one destruction but also the make a profit on this does that make sense commute trade aid noone of a statue is they're actually a market for that you know yes unfortunately it's very sad to report but it's absolutely confirmed that you sonic state is systematically including some of the most important Hercule logical site in Syria an in Northern Iraq there's no doubt about it why if you look at those videos of them hammering apart smashing statute in the Mosul museum what they do is if a smaller now spill steal would and sell at some and it's it's time large to them to actually smuggle loud and so then they destroy it so they're basically and this hitting im pretty conceivable way from doing this I'm very sorry decided it there are many people who would actually buy decent integrity switch are extremely valuable any coast into that period replace simple but you'll your detective here that's what you're job this I mean I you know I understand archaeology sounds extremely challenging but I think of you as API and when you do this work you're working in time and space you could identify where those things come from you can track that down eventually if the leaves the region is that fair professor in many cases we can kind of the strongholds they differ dark sky also the difference civilization are very distinctive so you could look at some these big statute in you'll know right away decision Syrian then it's probably from.