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Listen: "The committee really needs to look at how they see teams"

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Cooper Neill
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Tournaments in terms of the upset if that a gap between that the fourteenth even if Boston came in a third seeded West Virginia Kane event that large and that was I I think the committee really needs to look at how they believe that so much how they put the man but certainly helping given his the problem you work Djokovic Leon for live Theo come athletic director in the chairman of selection committee when asked to explain why this team got in met in fifteen he kept referencing top fifty RBI when quite well this game toss so they had four Top fifty RBI Whan and the team's David Goffin have real so tell my top of eleven he did have often the fourteenth he went What the hell's to recognize if that put but didn't get footwork fifty wins because it's better than even often they got or top fifty went because they they have liked get opportunity which people have often have like forty and an in two of them came on the wrong end so when you are so reliant on somebody top fifty win without recognizing some people are going to have more strictly because of the comfort that they play at what happened did you under the team's based on League affiliation another large start looking at the upset you know winning little rock winning even if often winning if you go look at India the advanced metric the really complex in mid May at computer formula they also thirteen only better than the committee actually stated that they just didn't have the Top fifty went to show what an so I think if you know we're trying to do that better going forward the committing need to rely more on analytics Griffin data because I don't that will help you more properly eat fifteen rather than just thank fifteen hadn't been anybody because sometimes the reason you haven't beat anybody it simply cut yet have the opportunity to get you a game with West Virginia or Baylor offer duo neutral court and that we solid Yellin little lock in even have often they can win those games.