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Listen: His open contempt for the Washington press corps and the White House press corp probably is the last bridge he's going to burn"

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Olivier Douliery
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I'm not going to run the article by you Ok I don't worry about it have they run it by anybody they would've said you know Ben you're really kind of are coming across again well a slight kind a little bit of a pretend just douche did you may be pull back the duo Cian a son that's but he had a willing foiled in the writer from the our time smoothie sent David Samuels and it wasn't run by The White House because of anyone even lay people right reading this say who was a star any word to The White House is open contempt for The White House of partly for the Washington press corps and The White House press press corps probably is the last bridge she's going to burn because now all What is gone on all weekend long as people have gotten wind of this article and read online since Thursday night of they've gone back and they have they've re read all the encounters between The White House and anyone in the media who said where are in your team is the Iran expert than said rouhani as a moderate they where you seeing the Maatta ration in Iran and what are you missing about the rainy and government because by The by the way if if your if you don't know this anyone who stands for election in Iran is not a powerful person we spent what eight years demon icing mob mode Armani new job the ignorant people dead like Sean handed a new kept calling him Medina job or limb bar whatever you had all these talk radio pundits demon icing muddy job as a bad guy.