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Listen: "When the Bills and the Giants played"

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Brett Carlsen
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And so we always had differential Friday night only party for advertisers and Media Watch I think when you look back I think Buffalo game the wide right game but I think that really changed because we were enough that streak that streak in the late eighties we had our number a blowout shoulder and the reigning I remember then rating for the what we're going to generate nineteen ninety games was goal was the lowest we had been added twenty years and so when one of the Bills and the Giants plated of course that was the year the first goal for things were really are very well you're done Teppo for that when from San Francisco to Tampa with a go-to in San Francisco we slow across the country after the game that night we were at the game with the nine is the Giants oh so Fernandez and came across the night the tempo yeah that's on that the play all the way to do that I don't play all away from Buffalo down the toughest taught him Katie here but that change for so many respects we had for from the beginning from from with Houston So into the last play the wider right to kick and then the following year we're in Minnesota which was he was also either game and and we did and Walton player and then the following year we were in L.A..