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Listen: "You you're going to have a mass deportation"

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Win McNamee
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Then you already will he be to play I mean you you're going to have the it I am a mountain people occasion of the court the league by allowing only and and the state government through dude how do their job yet a lot of it I'll be working so glad Michael good one wrote about this site emailed a long time on passion all Charlotte friend of mine and had an outline plans like that on clay can really good the record seem to be journalist but in possession of the off record conversation complaints the guessing game have made but yeah nor No entering after no question do sounds like Kelly of the general topic but now that very three easy and and letting the people it may not realize than you realize done and we won't name named here but it also want people you listen to you think of it as giving their opinions on political issues our ball holding two boston no more runs I mean it it but there really are coming to crazy a minor now left wing Bernie Sanders notion that the corporate now third the home with Oakland.