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Listen: "The fans love Claude!"

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Maddie Meyer
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Thinking about this will go for college coach does that had been kind of tossed around out here are just mentioned Flyers Fleischmann with next all of them North University in North Dakota worked out pretty well you know the game is changing the college coaches are the ones that are bringing up these young new stars In of the National Hockey League so that was something that was addressed and maybe the owner what better than said like a lot of people are sack and I were also and you're kidding me club Julian is a hell of a coach but what return to talk about close before you say what you're gonna say yes you have to preps that wrist he's a great coach but so I don't classes so why but that clouds it that close eyes and moving on that clouds your is you needed a coach a white why she to go because you got a changeup what you're doing right now it's not work two years in a row you felt that the ended doesn't mean he's not a pick he's a bet Coach it means it's not working with the personnel that UF and if you are going to succeed and we're gonna talk to Peer McGuire little bit later won appeared keeps on telling us the success future success of the Boston Bruins it's really based on all the young personnel they have in their system college kids right now that are going to be ready to play in the next two with three years if if that's the case you're not now setting up your played with eight college that's more adaptable to what you're going to do given to stay with the guy and I think this really reeks of an ownership over their sit they going you know what look at the media look at the beat writers are all supportive of called a lot auto that's what events and love quote I picked a something do that with this ownership I agree with you I see more and more people who cover the team sake that what I just said Koetter the Great coach great guy great coach however he needs the got no I would not from what he I'm still don't know let me you know like every got every guy ran out just the opposite now here's why but what they'll thing on his mind I think it's a pretty calm The Dow I think the opinion I think that's a pretty confident and know I don't very good it's time to go No I think the opinion for most of these beat guys is when you don't think wait a minute we're gonna slow feet they don't think he should goal but they think the Bruins will fire oh yeah because they get where they can you know they can e mail him the article they wrote about the case you state and I think it'll be great coach.