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Listen: Than today This is absolutely the best day

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Andy Lyons
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It impossible to win this tie him the the head coaches will tip about although he was Durrell about a lot a great days and my wife but none better than today This is absolutely the best day of my life and I am grateful and thankful Mister say and his family Chuck Pagano is has got to feel relieved it was interesting how this goes from May situation where he is going to get fired wasted where they play really well down the stretch a great down the stretch but given the circumstances down the stretch you eat company and not given other kids Did Andrew Luck got destroyed all season long that be up to the point where he ruptured his lever split deliver it kidney erupted is kidney because he took so many hits and he would get it right back up and he's a tough kid these is the future of this Indianapolis Colts team but you don't take so many pounding the full of course he's forced out now Matt Hasselbeck as the coming out the banks my age these Cody he's played football as a football He won a couple games to the point where they got the last week but they played the Tennessee tightness that's a division game of the titans or a true number one pick they have in the National Football League next year but they their quarterback situation got so bad so bad bad the quarter the story you know not because of what he's practice squad not somebody who is you know sit on the depth chart will they be brought up they had the good of the straight so will lead played the league the two years and bring jumpers Freeman and the starting quarterback in game 16 17 we give it up Bill season examples goals and they win they win thirty twenty-four over the Tennessee tight yes I know the Tennessee titans but as the principle if you have a coach begin a winner out of the disaster but was Indianapolis Colts he deserved the stay there and that's what DeMar say saw a Noah given a passion speech after their last game after the Tennessee titans game an in the background You could see diversity not even in a green Could probably double that video the Chuck Pagano is going to stay here's Jeff talk about him and his general manager we talked about a many many times we've been candid home you know we agree to disagree At the end of the day you leave every may meeting with with their hand shake you know and a hug and and you and you say okay look it's about one thing in one thing only it's about the team Temple Donald talking about running grips and that's exactly what you need with a GM head coach combination agree disagree hate each other scream at each other they give us of a hug and do what's best the team because otherwise you are not going to lead go as the synapses go Forty Niners though as the Cleveland Browns he can find a way to be cohesive upfront it is not going to be cohesive bailed on the football field when he thought the Bob.