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Listen: "70 percent of US consumers binge watch TV and a third binge watch TV on a weekly basis"

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Frederick M. Brown
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Seventy percent I've us consumers binge watch the and I've heard it binge watch I know weekly basis right I am we're like how my guy showcase so I'd been just watch this weekend because Q he was in recovery for Area fifty-one surgery that's we're calling it and we were forced to be on lacked range Ok and that so we binge watch the first season than half of the second season of Happy Valley this procedure all I'm Netflix I asked I've watched half of the first one Ok but we're going to get I'm not usually have been watch your have too many things but when I camera but we got our little rope who backs we did binge bloodlines I didn't get are not to it not letting do have one and we did that binge the first season of a House of Cards like when that and I am member years ago Yeah Yeah gas writes that we just as people would I mean that other ways than nine unless I might kind of like leg stuck in the hosts I don't you don't want to watch said many hours in television and well hang on either you know right yeah barely wannabe to episodes and then on Babs so that's no it's not what is the binge form I've use that yeah okay so we has people binge watch a shot yeah it was on his mind dinged wide House of Cards the news another banner and she binge watch it while The last season that was fined so she would be watching season four of five at the same time that she was watching no last season I like my god remained gets a lot of work I didn't like it guide remember turned a binge watch Game of Thrones to get caught up a couple years ago and then my mind I because of surgery we can do any do anything we binge watch Breaking Bad the first twenty years in the mid never much to plants because when right now as to not have seen the last two years are the best high now the only early but I'm thinking a lot of things okay so Jen has been binge watching Sons of Anarchy County and that is very binge worthy if you can take it Ok it's just a hell of a ride and that would be a fine line lined order and say yes to the dress oh oh I'm break of Ok me Schmidt I need to maintain it I like more been Jean happens with this means serve all this one rated because you can and there are now the commercials lie re there's really no Christian.