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Horror, Death And Gratitude: WWII Veteran Recalls Liberating Buchenwald Concentration Camp

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 everybody seems to have a a welcome to the war moment if you will, a spot where you so this is what it's really like was their moment like that for you where you realize that, what you're doing was potentially dangerous and hazardous to your health they grew to young we dismissed going whatever they said let's go come on guys I'm a when I hear clearing minefield that mean that sounds like an aventura to me that sounds like Oh if I make or wrong step for poker aren't spotted might that will right when it that point where we were. So carefully tall things to do that we Wooden didn't take a bet that had what was that process like what what you guys do if you have an area of landed they say there may still be minds in here and you have to remove them or to stable of, how of that work, and all kind new ways to go into it but but mainly hours, we're still building, the pond to bridge think tech, yeah, but I'll never forget what we went through broken Walcott, and Cam, it was so these people, they only one layup three can out on the there kind, thank you, thank you for helping us we can't believe this it's not, the ball well Cole do the bare can we got Noah back near, you could back in the back hundreds of but is a new delaying in the Cuba good you second with thrown out like, thank you would look cattle so, be cremated, so now, possible, that will never forget, but it is, had you ever before you got there to book involved hedge ever heard of this idea of a concentration kept it you know that the choose or been experimenting aided in tortured untreated the way they