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Listen: "Peyton Manning announced his retirement"

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Coming up a lot so yeah well actual made the decision it's March not April relax don't need to win three the next four and then went will be in the top three again spend this way all season do you watch sports you know they do you watch for us I do I got a good summed a little bit and and are in the car was wondering than can the defenses so bad You guys I think the goal issue always let up this many goal to the defense but intended tell now the goalies have been covering up the por de that's from Bill in Rochester various the defense has been liking the top third as far as goals against which is amazing thank at the Mrazek yeah and yet they're still a negative because they can't score any goals and light this a more testament to how owns failure to build a championship teams this two thousand eight this guy deserves a long leash but I think we're getting to the end of it up from Luke in an Art is getting close to the Dumars here into the Dumars here although the key making the playoffs they keep making the playoffs the kid made the playoffs you know they had their they took the Blackhawks to seven they took the Lightning The Lighting to seven EDM and I know that doesn't you know you can put banners up for that particular Mike stones world that's right but that's still is that that's what keeps people believing just a little bit yes there is one team that is very happy that that peyton Manning announced his retirement and if filling in a Falcons because maybe there story will goal way or something but that the weekend late Friday it was revealed that the Eli Apple matriculated at Ohio State University projected to be a first-round pick in the draft was on a television station Comcast Sports Net in Philadelphia's from the jersey suburbs of Philly and he was asked about you know the combine some of the weird questions that gets asked and I won a quoting here he said the Falcons coach one of the coaches like So do you like men but the first thing he asked me it was weird I was just like now he was like what you're going to come to Atlanta sometimes that's how it is around here you don't have to get used to it I guess he was joking but they just ask most of these questions to see how you're going to react now after that and the Falcons put out a statement from head coach Dan Quinn I'm really disappointed in the question was asked by one of our coaches are spoken to the coach said in a video up all explained to him how inappropriate on professional this was have reiterated yesterday entire coaching staff and one apologized Eli this even.