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Listen: "When the federal government comes in and takes over the second most sovereign thing that you have"

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Mark Wilson
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And I don't think the Gundy thing I think they walked around there were I believe a few thousand people there and I'm not saying they talked everyone but the Try as they might to find one of those magical sound bytes that they could play for ever never-never have a go violence A look at these people they should be locked up you know they shouldn't be voting they couldn't get one and I I you know obviously you compare that to the occupy Wall Street movement which is an entirely different things with how does this come about how did it happened that we now have these these young people these people that woke up who will come up Is it just that we push so far in the opposite direction is not what snap people into it and they said this is wait something's find it when it's wrong what happened well she said it was galvanize over Obamacare and when the federal government comes in and takes over the second most sovereign thing that you have and that is your skin and everything inside of a government a hostile takeover of your health and they government says I'm going to manage this because you're only a human being and you can possibly do this yourself we're going to decide you when you get the tests when decide what policy after bye and we're going to figure this all out for you and we're going to impose it up on you no matter how hard you Rhesus that was really did galvanize a buddy but also still the tax enough already wish remember that that was that was about too much stacks nation and his new Boston TE party was a TE party and in the end the acronym a spill perfect for the team party.