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Listen: In only eight rebounds Wesley Johnson off the bench with 14 points

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Stephen Dunn
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Coming up anyone doll sideline reporter 3 Denver Broncos radio network within his take on Peyton Manning a what's gonna happen later today in Denver both first sports update Terry you met a pac-man then lays top trending stories I'm trained Western on the beast nine eighty NBA Friday night the Clippers dominate the Knicks own the Rays won 16 NBA Fan lending entire game be Andre Jordan with 20 points in only eight rebounds Wesley Johnson off the bench with 14 points Chris Paul 16 points in team assists Robin Lopez for the next Wednesday Jackson about six minutes left in the third and fourth hitting first hole in the face the win by the Clippers ends a six game home winning streak by the Knicks Doc Rivers John Isner more and we have seen play harder number to within a hundred gameplay mistakes so that helps us all we talked about today were sweet Over that but when you have gameplay mistakes and the dissonance do go him tonight we don't have a lot of points on the road after one oh there will start at 3 p m part for Clippers only an hour before an to Lakers looking for their tenth win of the season against the Spurs brand winners of 12 in a row the double figures i said center took the first set after thirty Get ready for this match up with Golden State wanted to the website thirteen straight wins for the Spurs they'd be belief and one away any Fall League this forming including six on the season making nine and thirty seven after a Saturday night lost all the way into the Blazers 1 21 one brief NHL Friday night's game between the Ducks San the capital's was postponed Duda whether major snowstorm on the East Coast facing the Red Wings on the road last night in 43 games against the Coyotes on the road ailing coming in with the wreckage and twenty-nine 14 en three having lost their last game on Thursday to the wildly nothing Coyotes win the game briefly to college basketball UCLA coming off an eighty-two seventy-three win over Oregon State inyou Jean sinking long Oregon one game and five hundred and ten fold standing straight employee coming in Oregon wins it eighty sixty seventy-two today you way see going all the loss to the Ducks snapping a three game winning streak and dropping in the fall into in the league in Perkins inform Dallas against Oregon State This is your new home for sports the beast nine eighty we feed on LA sports the beast nine eighty we feed on LA.