Listen: "It was Kobe Bryant's final visiting game at the Staples Center"

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Paul Gilham
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Five in five five two one two four two two seven is the number will spend a little little time on the West Coast me Bay Area what are the more years saying now about pursuing their record has a good mix signals out of the locker room it after hours with a new Loria tears are later sports update and here's P which player all star in the NBA where was the Battle of Elway and was Kobe Bryant's final visiting game at the Staples Center Clippers beat The Lakers by account of ninety-one to anyone Chris Paul would twenty-five points Colby had just six in the game and a Lakers now with a franchise record sixty second loss of the season elsewhere was the Blazers over Thunder one twenty-two one fifteen offense is what we're going to clinch their first winning season since two thousand seventy visited the Magic Kingdom action left side like got past huge admits the baseline to the left one the eighty-six deploys it's got dialed update what he stuck at Time Out here Jackson a little I'm Mark champion on Pistons radio Pistons over the Magic One oh wait one oh for Reggie Jackson with twenty-four points also Blazers won twenty Thunder one fifteen the eighth rockets eighty-six the Celtics over Pelicans one oh four ninety-seven Pacers one twenty-three Cavaliers one oh nine better off night for LeBron James hornets over the next one eleven ninety-seven and the Wizards topped the Nets won twenty-one.