Listen: "That's a low amount of money, considering the NFL makes billions of dollars a year"

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Joe Robbins
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And what's happened in the West stats you don't only in did say take it but I was told and then some Tom it's also more the win and then trying not to Puerto fad one hundred and fifty million dollars players with a concussion the problem from concussions and welcome righted the injuries that sure I think the majority of them are long-term head injuries and brain injuries yes the start that's a settlement amount of money considering the NFL makes billions of dollars a year well I think that is a settlements and a seven hundred fifty million dollar hit is is still a lot for any business to absorb yes I do think it flow I think that the former players certainly could stay into use a lot more about money but at the same time if if time is that the essence and they want to get something done now and they wanna have access to the money now that would be Why day would fettle I know only Torre said that used to play for Dallas look took a applying plot total out los in Dallas he and he said he didn't even remember BMO plying yeah it's it's scary win at all it's not just limited to fall ball and corps that the when that we focus on but there are a lot of a lot of repercussions in a lot of symptoms of putting your body through the rigors of of professional sports in doing it for a long period of time even guys that don't suffered from head injuries I work with a lot of former football players to live they got knee problems they've had hip replacement just a lot of different things it takes a toll on your physical body of which intrigue is one reason why these guys are paid so well well sure thank you can take a month well I thank you for listening in Dallas Michael after hours maybe learned CBS Sports Radio.