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Listen: "Kevin Durant, I mean, he's not going back to the Thunder"

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Otto Greule Jr
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Coming up I'm watching Oklahoma City and that you know the guy we're watching his Kevin Durant I don't big Oklahoma City him in the series and if they if this is some type of devastating second round watch for them and which they get whopped and they very well could using under the Thunder got to what they gained one and his San Antonio not common back in the second quarter they just tied the game at thirty-five Oklahoma had a huge lead at the end of the first quarter so all gone the city who knows what happens then in this game in San Antonio but if if they lose is series which I think they will and let's say doesn't even go six Kevin Durant's I mean I just confirms that he's not going back to the Thunder so when he got the Celtics have a shot I think they do and that as long as he's on the TV screen from a is going to be in my head what I thank our talk about the Celtics offseason so we can get that win and Patriots called if you haven't but especially read sucks because yeah they had the night off tonight but that's a great three game sweep over the Yankees last night the rim first place Pablo is haven't shoulder surgery but to get out of sight out of mind I don't root for injury but the Reds had to better off without him anyways so let's talk about the guys that they do have and the big said they knew do need to improve on and as well that's.