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'You Have The Right To Stand For Your Opinion' Says LeBron James On Colin Kaepernick

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Jason Miller
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Yes me in cleveland le brian collin cabernet has inspired a lot athletes around the country to take a stand for police violence what are your thoughts on that and have you thought of of doing anything and if so what first of all om i'm all in favor of any one athlete or non athlete being aired express what they believe ran into peaceful matter and that's exactly what color coverages door and i respect that and i think you guys know one on passionate about something else speak opponent you know so you know me and in fort national anthem is something i will do that's why you know that's what i believe in but that doesn't mean i don't respect and don't agree will come to contradict is doing you have the right to for sure pena stan for your opinion and and he's gotten him in the most peaceful when someone to do something now what i do not like about the situation as the negative ten two minute it's been thrown up on him from certain people home because it's not it's not deserved you know these he was very educated it the very smart very candid very calm the manning about what he wanted to do and he didn't acts anybody also joined and he did in the most peaceful matt albers seen someone stand up and do something i'll talk a respect that and things that are do personally one on knowledgeable about it and i'm passion of bought out due to others will you guys know when it when those players are can tell you perry hill of run james should met with the media our so go here cleveland clinic courts great job was always by would rondon he's ready to go he's uses hungry as he's been we will enjoy watching the journey again here sixty seventy i will take a ray will go back if the sabres which alive cleveland cavaliers media day for the defendants ohio listening to fifteen ninety w aka are akron news talk sportsnet here's something to feel good about from center brittney did infractions come over i need them for my meeting back saying our new sharp digital copier outs taxes directly to your e mail what do you know did you find that out on the air what that gets caught because they're hash tag awesome silas copy go has solutions the facts get includes the ability to out taxes directly to your e mail you can decide if you wanna print or reading delete contact copy go your local short dealer an eight hundred.