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Listen: "How happy are you that you made this decision to come back, and you're going to the Final Four"

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Ronald Martinez
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New York sixty-three play forty-three points Greene left wing he's done that he is made again the goals from Weiss would won the body heal show thirty-seven point eight three pointers and leads all Oklahoma to the final four with a decisive victory eighty to sixty-eight the final over Oregon but we were soft with the upon might even know you're all stats how did it feel out there especially the first half explosive August ideas it was the guy can not without him you know I can't tell you freshen and daddy of what the team announced and always get it going one adamant about an owner's are going to be a now comes get affair and they have my teammates around as Rico prescriptions in awe log In really hard and thing often been known for she the coach to get every typical is Blvd for the twenty-one years on the job for him you got a chance last year to take your trounced in the NBA not about you come back Howie happy argue that you made this decision to come back and I'm going to Final Four this game is going to be not that opt out I'm glad that we came back and you know not with the slicing them in my life he or than the back if every decision we came out school and now he had not I never take ever gonna known you shouldn't private mom with your mom he gave up data kind of them moments with was special I can't do out mothballed is juggling get good my seventh isn't brothers have been in a cave him DJ vez The and they made a body just have the them I'm glad you're albeit you think Oh Monday on Saturday and Monday come to him Anze but he'll with Meyer nightcap lead the Sooners the final four for the first time since two thousand and two when Oklahoma it was streak out to an eighteen point lead in the first half Oregon head coach Dan all than just never able to get his team back in it very disappointing first half our biggest killed us on the boards there are much quicker to the ball much more active I'm not sure if it was the energy that which produced by them hidden threes you know they just did a tremendous job long on the board the fact it was a bit fifteen second chance points are believed it at half time the second half emotional we got one of the first half I thought then getting of second opportunities for fifteen points was you know really put us in a hole that we can never recovered from will it it's it's gonna hurt for a wow you know our guys shirt are really hurting right now you know there are goal was to get.