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 Life Coach Seth Sherwood: 'You Gotta Have A Dream'

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Taylor Weidman
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Exactly i live it i think i think we we need to get her run on the line but as a night and jaeger again you know again that's exactly which you need somebody to tell you vs like make you guess right but let's go back to be in the hall thing about achieving the dream and why do people all many people hold back from achieving that dreamin how can you help them break through that shaw shore and a couple things wanted that it's like a bang from a musical you got to have a great you know you got to have a game to make a dream come true no one and a lot of people they stay in their comfort zone they're doing something they're they're living paycheck a paycheck or the right abbott they're really not so really the first upton is realizing okay this is where i see myself to what i want to it do you or be in my life whether it's ten years in the future five years one year work it was like ok defense this is my planted where i i really feel a lot enjoyed doing his thing being just kind of person and then having a plan you know writing are through whether you got to the school all your guy to acquire some new skills when he got to do to achieve that vision and then after the for the click here question what hold people back is fear he might have that here failure i like how people if his my dream in my vision they're gonna last that a family friends are gonna say you're crazy amount why why do you think how do you think you can do that you know have the schooling you don't have that he added and so a lot of people to battle back in and they believe what they hear it makes a yeah you're right you're i live might not just going to stick with his job might only like your butt it's okay you know it paved the bills so you got a really conquer that fear bill you don't believe in yourself have it hunter felt confident and years.