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Listen: "When John Elway retired after winning his second rang"

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Ronald Martinez
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Dot com also the CBS Sports AP if you haven't noticed CBS Sports has a new low go it's all over our social media and and all over the U a big CBS websites to or Inside the O Reilly although part studio O Reilly all parts better parts better Price's every day so couple of things that I'll remember the fact that this was the lowest point total for the Panthers all year and if it was that the with yard gain to ever by a Super Bowl winner how about that ninety four total yards the fewest numbered yards ever recorded by Super Bowl winner it's the first title for the Broncos since nineteen ninety eight season when John Elway retired after winning his second rang meaning Peyton Manning comma Payton now becomes the first to earn two rings with two different teams and he also supply of Elway his boss as the oldest quarterback ever to both start and win a Super Bowl Wade Phillips goals from unemployed to assistant coach of the year he was honored by the in a felon Saturday night Fame ceremony Newton won the end PP and now he gets his first ring Gary Kubiak is the first ever to win a Super Bowl as both the player and a coach with the same organization somebody history was Super Bowl fifty I think one of my favorite storylines will remain of course Payton and that's the one a lot of people remember not only finishing up with the second ringing for Super Bowl appearances and having a winning record in the playoffs so many people pointed to that he's the best regular season quarterback ever well he if he finishes now will finish with a winning record in the postseason as well as two reigns fifty percent not all that bad two rings in four appearances but also DeMarcus Ware who really changed that locker room culture in change the attitude became a leader himself when he decided to leave the Dallas Cowboys and go to Denver two seasons ago at thirty three years old his first Super Bowl In his first rang obviously so it's about your found a five five two one two four two two seven Roger is in Louisiana here next year and after our CBS Sports Radio.