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Listen: "Is there a Vonn Miller without a Lawrence Taylor"

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Al Bello
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Miller the was a boring game and pops up parts of all our by was a great defense I got to give a lot of credit that I mean Bodden that was just the the superstar really is I thank you very ties any by the Lars taillights quicker become as the Ally back is better any quick as hell coming off the edge SS Soto on the Larry because then thanks Larry that's a tough one because Lawrence Taylor was one of those innovator guys like he was one of those first one day ever do it intimidator like is there a Vonn Miller without a Lawrence Taylor like that stations that I always have been all bring up Jimi Hendrix again there's guitar players after Jimi Hendrix that took it to a different level may were better technically but nobody can ever be better than Jimmy Andrew right he was a for going to do it came in and and changed the game he only not only changes position offered the won the left tackle position well yet so to be nobody could be better and Lawrence Taylor then Lawrence Taylor one Lawrence Taylor did and to me these two guys too bad defensive players here by the game one Mean Joe Greene the other is Lawrence Taylor for different reasons I.