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Listen: "Joe Medwick would call it in Chicago, pimping the home run"

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Brian Blanco
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Zone and he'll be flagged for it now which of course you can't do that in baseball but in his team will be penalized because of what's called excessive celebration a guy will make a free throw and he'll be congratulated by his teammates it in baseball the Yankees go to win four World Series in five years without and this Joe Medwick would call it in Chicago pimping the home run Bernie Williams this saga most especially Jeter who would run a hard on the ground ball back to the mound even know it was a certain out and hit his the home run Freese three thousand it all David Price and went around the bases and polite speed and celebrated at home plate when the team came out he had the great good fortune to interview Mickey Mantle and light television show three times and he was so kind to me through the years and he talked about this is going back of course to the nineties him a key would talk about and when I hit a home run to put my head down and a ran as hard as I could around the bases offenses I could I did they've won a look at the pitcher and that was the way it was back then now it is about marketing it is competing with Newton in Carolina in the him in football and it's a bad competing but the Braun and the Curry kid in San Francisco in the end in the NBA it's about marketing.