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Listen: Kind of interesting that at the college football national championship what's going on Monday night

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Ezra Shaw
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Those two potentially finding out of wonder two teams will be making the move to Elway for the next NFL season kind of interesting that at the college football national championship what's going on Monday night saw a couple of tweets from where the meetings are an Houston that's worthy NFL owners are together further league meetings and of course the biggest topic only agenda is the potential for the Rams or the Chargers or the Raiders or some combination of the two of them to move to LA you got a stadium in cars then that's being proposed as well is now a stadium in angle would but the Rams are proposing very different ideas about who and how could buildings be shared who could share and how could they be shared you're talking about month in month in month some planning and proposals in shock eating and I'm sure China by votes giving NFL owners who are billionaires are about trying to buy votes this is where you see allegiance is an alliance is coming to play the politics happening right about now because it is their need to be 24 owners of the thirty two An keep in mind not I know exactly how they're doing this but I know Wendy meetings like that the previous meetings were going online he owners who were involved have to step out of the realm so the recipe owners could have an honest conversation so I don't think that they are not allowed to vote but you kind a cast Those votes out biggest already voted given selves otherwise they wouldn't be in the process so you take out those three boats at you're talking about essentially twenty-four twenty-nine well twenty-three and twenty-nine becomes again into these owners will be noting could Unseld but twenty-three other owners have to agree that's a lot politics so much politics whether politicking so that's going on Withey NFL i thought it was interesting this piece some tweets coming from Houston indicating the they've taken a break from their politicking to watch the college football national championship so college football is now over Andrew weekend said sale in college I guess the next thing with the Senior Bowman in the draft while the Cup senior ball combine the draft Wendy NFL everything is still very much in front of us You were still 52 the rebel from this weekend's wild card games.