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Listen: Festive but it takes more of the Jets Adie

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Ezra Shaw
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Feel George how do you feel having having played been so much a part of the radio station they have filed for relocation they come back to Los Angeles where we know they spent some time and won a Super Bowl but now they have at least applied the come back to be away area believe Oakland well you know as a business decision that think Kris win when you look at the median teams may have James and the Raiders and still playing in the same stadium operate and you know they Stadium in Indiana were baseball's also play so you know because business and in order to compete Union that's as of all they Marc Davis has the have a new stadium i think that they have confused but one thing I can say is that Marc Davis Not one of these open areas and as a matter of so finding a place that will except you an who worked with him to build the stadium with George you're a former Raiders an end in the hey day with the Raiders up there but do you give you X players guys ever it you know talking and say hey we can't have the Raiders leave in Oakland an an end maybe think of ideas in of how you can keep Americans i mean you know that you know we could keep an event idea is do have the keys whom they would say right festive but it takes more of the Jets Adie you know they got I have time they're seeking you know they were seeking help from the city and they found it here in the bay area in Oakland Anderson County about a needed an you know I guess signals so you know the Suns hey Cubs that just a matter of us about us about dual which snapped a do as a business first and the Raiders George Atkins another Super Bowl team the beat the Vikings from the late sixties and and through the seventies you know if you're living California sure we get text enough you're so that's what's fascinating about what stank Brock is offering to do is to build a stadium here in Los Angeles on his own using taxpayer dollars or help from the league is there in area of of Oakland I know they've tried the renovate that Coliseum and you're right it's like San Diego those the two oldest outdated facilities and really not only for the players but the fans for modern day football they need to be upgraded Is there any other area location like the Forty Niners moved out of San Francisco sent a clear where you see something like this being viable in the Bay Area no of the areas you know many where you're you're right through that you know yeah this some areas you can think of so those of us a lot again you gotta get piles of these you know in a marked its escapes the health of building is Marc Davis she yet you talk to Mark Davis said it did you and in front of Jack Del Rio i think the Raiders you're still gonna be here I grew up a Raiders fans that you're impression or you're a little not so sure that you know you know a Chris that is much worse you know in light like a say one thing Marc Davis is is very very sad about aside said he doesn't want to leave you but you know again the comes down to who was getting his needs says sides to Bill was we talked about a Martin thank you get an it doesn't happen you know for sure like he did in his seat In years and he has again go to telling me I haven't seen The news on that but I guess he had a duty edges yes I know if he gets the money maybe some help from the league or is a Saint Louis might be open I know San Antonio it in the past but certainly writer fans whether be through Oakland are away have been their George thanks fervor coming out with a short notice and we look forward to talk with you again and its start the Great writer George concerned with us and we come.