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Joe Robbins
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Comrades here at the network a call in case you missed it Pro Football Talk live PFT lives or flagship programa comes your way Monday through Friday from six to nine am Eastern Time and on Ashe on Mike Florio is really probably one of the top five guys in this country when it comes to recognize ability and credibility with the National Football League the might have a chance to catch up with rounds of quarterback Josh McCown cement to play you some of that interview from earlier This Week that Pro Football Talk lives it is Josh McCown olive Mike Florio spring in Josh McCown Browns quarterback I do research today I usually try to do at least a little bit of research I found something about you Josh that I would suspect you're the only guy who can claim this AFC on offense of player of the week NFC authentic player of the week and UFL offensive player of the week but I think the year the only one of falls in that category will not play resource hope arm No full tonight yeah you know I get to China play well you can where we're at with the most I don't know if they disappeared into listened easily two thousand two men No now the longtime go yeah and that was the first year PFT and one of the reasons are one of our favorite you've been around of reading the website since way back then our youth he plays the Hartford Colonial isn't two thousand ten and when you're playing in the UFL what's your mindset about playing in the NFL at that point are you are young hopeful that it's that I assume you haven't given up because clearly been back in the NFL for five years since then but what's.