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Green Bay Packers Coach Mike McCarthy On Injuries: 'You Have To Be Able To Adjust' 

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From the double et i'm jay newsroom i'm actually to beat up the packers will once again be short handed when they play the first place atlanta falcons this afternoon double et mj's great matt sick has the details the packers will look to tame atlanta's top bring passing off with without the services of their top three quarterbacks in addition the packers will be without their top two running backs sunday afternoon all this part of the deal according to head coach mike mccarthy this is a until season's along here sure you have to be able to adjust of course voice an employee different ways based on their mouth of its position the packers entered today's game with a record of four to atlanta is four in three the packers are in uniform today and costumes tomorrow for players with kids monday won't be a lazy off day as many are taking their kids trick or treating wide receiver jordy nelson says he also enjoys handing out can be more than andy for the that like you know because combine for the cart who for older thanks enjoyed any of the gagne also so of but fit eventually logo trigger treatment but i'm in a new that the packers will be in atlanta for their first game action in eleven days this afternoon mike's ball dying double beauty mj news can also place are searching for two men in connection to a shooting that left one man dad last monday harassed warrants have been issued for two suspects twenty two year old james butler and twenty nine year old rafael rush police a butler and rushed killed thirty three year old willie always when they shot the man just after five pm on monday donald trump is coming to wisconsin this week the trump campaign release a campaign schedule saturday night's that included a stop for trump in all clear on tuesday the following day chelsea clinton will be campaigning you know claire democratic vice presidential candidate tim kaine will be in wisconsin on tuesday as well he will campaign in appleton and madison in sports the bucks beat the nats one tend to one oh eight it's two hours sex.