Listen: "The Warriors beat the Blazers in overtime 132, 125"

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Ezra Shaw
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Paul was in and third performance Jeff Curry's return The Warriors to beat the Blazers in overtime one thirty-two one twenty-five to go up three games to one Curry made his return off the bench from a knee injury scored forty points including an NBA record seventeen in overtime E also had nine rebounds and eight assess head coach Steve Kerr all Smart was played one basically one basketball him three leagues on I expected what I saw early expected a lot of last I don't think anybody could have predicted the explosion to figure did you know find his stroke in majors shots but that was it was crazy Kerr straight Curry will start Wednesday night in Game five Curry will reportedly pickup his second straight NBA MVP award as soon as Tuesday the other game in the playoffs was also an overtime affair they need over the Rafters in OT ninety-four eighty-seven that series tied it to break away with thirty points for Miami the Kings have Bane former Grizzlies coach Dave Yeager as their new head coach reportedly gets a three year deal worth twelve million dollars with an option for a fourth year are still the Cup playoffs the Predators and Sharks or going the distance Q lob center circle picked up now on the back.