Listen: "He proved to you that he could do it with this group"

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Doug Pensinger
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Thirty-four years old was never any good and his previous stops and now I'm supposed to give this guy ten million only two he proved to you that he could do it with this group and I might add an awful contracts were not guaranteed to players a one-year if it's awful then you do something different but you know other than this particular here right here he half AHL contract is not long-term it's just it's year-to-year in the NFL very risky very I mean there already skate you know you only have a limited sample size of Brock Osweiler and it could take a lot more to primed for the Broncos I believe that Bell match whatever they have to match our D three I would say there's people believe that's pretty risky table but what outfit there's not much to be Arts colonel like you're going to the supermarket you know he hit the budget Babock that's it the Chocolates you don't know which when you get along oh I'm at knowing when to go wrong a lot of money to eight five five two one-two four two two seven what would you plus a guy DeMarco Murray headed to Nashville but take our Twitter Tuesday Paul it would argue three that Ryan Fitzpatrick is that begging Peyton Manning is that none of the above even minds you're to know that a quarterback you need a quarterback you don't know Nick Foles yeah I think you want to do more boomer could probably still throw having a good move now that's the problem is that your team doesn't have a que be helping you bulk for none of the above I mean did not have a quarterback alright Troy Aikman it guard twenty pick but he does still look like he could played again after sitting next to him on radio road favorite fifth go yeah he still physically capable I'm short although the concussions not so much eight five five two one-two four two two seven it after hours with Amy Lawrence.