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Here's Why Venus Spins Backwards

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Okay well i think this time maybe for one more listener phone call let's take the next listener funk up so my name in unfurl providers as if investment want to ten i listen qb is the denies completed ten pm i'm very few station kelly all in a corner with his stick man on the radio my question is tigers did alter plentiful eight another clock winding it couldn't hurt picking up one community so much told me to peanut into the only plan to go three and i know i'm sorry all group all the group go take another clock life for the university on the planet the throughout the clock wise why is that the titans thank you the final year absolutely right venus is an oddball but first of all it's described the solar system itself we had the son of a chorus at the center and then we have a disc call the clip to claim a disk that surrounds the side in all the plan is line along this desk not inside this desk all the plan is to go are round the sign in the same direction i repeat all the planets goal around the sign in the same direction however inside each planet they had their own spin and if you take a look at the span of the planet we find that being that's actually wrote spin in the opposite direction so in other words all the planet's movie in the same direction around the sign in this desk called it took to claim but inside the cubs explain each tied it spends on its own access and it could take a look at the earth martis and mercury we find that it's been is in the same direction venus go backwards so why is that we think they're probably was a cosmic culled asian a cosmic collision when they solace system itself was first for him born a half billion years ago and these cosmic collisions created the bills are shape with a solid system weighted are mon come from from a cosmic collision with an astro about size of mars but in this shape in the form of venus we think that a collision took place with reverse the spin venus well unfortunately that sip four science spend tastic.