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Baseball Icon Monte Irvin Recalls What It Was Like Being In A Segregated Unit During WWII

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baseball player who might have had an even more legendary career if world war two hadn't interacted all of that in this interview record in twenty ten we've already heard about how he grew up is the eleven of thirteen children in a very Athletic family and how as a college football player he moonlight it as a pro baseball player in the need Rollie's even had the use of pseudonyms and only play in the road games because if you try to play the whole games in New Jersey state figure out he was multi urban not some guy named Jimmy Nelson sure couldn't get away with that today pretty incredible if your regular listener hotel heroes you know I try to ask every veteran about one specific date that change the world with her it's a pretty unique answers but I don't think we've ever heard one quite like Monte's everyone seems to have a memory you know of December seven nineteen forty one you remember how you heard about it yeah