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Craig Robinson Recalls How His Father Tried To Dissuade Him From Acting Career

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when onset of wants to calmly will follow like levels attorney right so he's like, I think they now didn't Yeah I was like what well you know is only so many making him down a lot but outside was the one thing I was like, Upton possessed the battles like, I knew what was gonna go into that he did yeah, so you didn't play will limit was just a foregone conclusion that was a done deal for Garnett there for knew it was an uptick you saw because it was, he didn't you try to no reason with me about it it into so yeah that's ridiculous now he does, and he muscled all sums of, how far into your career Craig do you remember when he finally said, it's working out for a side I was I was wrong to doubt yeah, those that last year, , because you feel like he definitely was a guest it when I started man, laid on his like all of Always supporter, let us, one, was it when you got the office job that everything was cool or even before that when you start showing up on various T.V. shows like the first time me so I got a T.V. shows that all you need to do know that to you were ranked No no no no long long after going after that and then you know cause off on the legs, two out like, the needle you you know, and the rules is to be so, and I at all Dysert for that to happen a mention all of the other support apart, and he was light, given they will get that, how did about, hats, oh you know, so you you like that, Kevin medio that well well, you know would be out somewhere Zeitler few so you know fuse will be, in a game like that we want people coming up to the second pitches and of those light up, but the real seven years ago yeah of the reared reaction from apparent it's like what did you talk about but now, now the people do come up yeah, he can you guess what, , that's all I get a thrill,