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Cosmologist Sean Carroll Tackles The Big Bang Event

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you say that The Big Bang is most likely not even though, the real event, well when I say is that we don't have any idea what happened at this purported moment of the Big Bang, because mala just including some of my best friends in even including many sometimes exaggerated a little bit about what it means we say the Big Bang was the beginning of the universe talking about what happened before the Big Bang is like talking Bellows and north of the North poll, but all that is not something we understand these are just high properties these are speculations it's very possible there was something before the Big Day so we should be a little bit humble were resigning what exactly what it that went on in that moment Tech Fred Hornets Curry created that term didn't need many years ago through it did he was fine make fun of the Big Bang idea of of course that Big Bang model which is really what Boyle was making fun of his the general idea that the universe has been expanding from the hot dense early state and that's a hundred percent true that we've established is correct but the Big Bang event the moment singularity at the beginning of something we don't understand, so what sort of area chart of us our time as or a reference time that we can use exactly it sort of the time at which we no longer understand with the universe is doing, , I'm not laughing at you, but I mean isn't that what we're what what we think physics visitors are all about is understanding what was going on and then I mean it is, but you know our understanding on the basis of data enough Servais shins does stretch back to one second after the Big Bang, they were knelt thirteen point eight billion years after the Big Bang so we got a lot of it covered that that that first second were still working on