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Listen: "Cam Newton, who in all intents and purposes, the favored to win the MVP"

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Mike Ehrmann
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Thanks so much mobile Lucic it with you in are beast nine eighty studios in LA Here's what's happening de NFL Super Bowl Media Day happening on Monday night in San Jose the Panthers an the Broncos meeting in Super Bowl 50 heard right here on the beast nine eighty cam Newton who leads all intents purposes thee favored the windy MVP Ansari ninety NFL on this award spoke about how this team wow it has come out been sort of in the line of the Stars a spade has nothing to do with the fate of his ascent may have been doing this since said defend themselves An for me to be playing in this will be in this position should the ball 50 this division him to the National Football League sending a memo the woods 32 team saying that Las Vegas would be a legitimate option for relocation fully Oakland Raiders not saying whether not a favor not but then Marc Davis and hand the Raiders organizations expressed interest and Las Vegas as a potential sign NBA returns on Tuesday night.