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Women Pilots In The U.S. Air Force: How The W.A.S.P. Program Took Off

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 first while tell me about them, well I Andrea world war two and honestly all the mail pilots were and shipped ever seasons playing combat an they're the real need for aircraft could be chance Board is Brown manufacturers here base then then as a lot a job that eight Tiger kind of less than done. So be airport their decided train you know high rent first time they ever flown in a military capacity in United States though I on Jack my Cochran who would that very accomplished eighty-eight e checks and her I write started their women Air Force Service pilot program acronym known as the last, andSo from nineteen twenty to nineteen forty four this group of women that with only eleven thousand women police to about sixteen million miles and every kind of aircraft from keep it be ones fighters to you know be twenty-four bombers everything that they Army Air forces arsenal had offered they flannel and they also were to target pilot error test pilots and make they did like you know the whole. I'm everything that that men did in that caught on the five cannot baseline and the combat right and they were also instructors, exactly yeah they were Austin and find truckers well ands soul during world war two emissions what these women did they they think jumped to do to answer the call, and flu these planes everywhere a number of them unfortunately work killed I'd what how many do you know off the poppy 38 yeah 38 last Burke Hills and service while and how many told all, do say were involved and they're just well over a thousand not enough fully actively during the war that's not a good ratio we have to put an end the planes are quite a few it not they you know they were never militarized another and the services worst though they that I'm acquired by military status which when disturbing us back but when when the then when died on the government when but pretty much just ended Holograms an you dire died today ready want on the body. And then there