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Listen: "Blake Griffin reportedly broke his hand Getting into a fight with an equipment staffer from the Clippers"

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Ethan Miller
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Credit 40 effort credit for the hassle alright so talk about Blake Griffin again we don't really know anything new at this point if you just now checking in and you missed it early this morning Blake Griffin an apparently broke his hand reportedly broke his hand getting into a fight with any equipment staffer from the Clippers an at this story goes the fight started you know restaurant into Rondo where he allegedly punched this employed the team and then followed him outside an punched him again an at this point in ways that same very much at all Doc Rivers was asked about it earlier this morning Doc said he was disappointed and he would have a statement in four five hours did people witch's tapped away it would be great if you could use talk basketball i'm sure Doc spry lasting wanna talk about again our know what's to and what's not true but that is an unbelievable story if it is you can't be serious If Amari starter Meyer breaking his hand punching if Iris team with sure is the most Knicks thing ever been Blake Griffin allegedly breaking his hand punching an equipment staffer is the most quicker thing ever and what could they possibly have been fighting about that's what I need to know an this speculation at their friends' He's got tracks we France he played better hope so becomes a 6 foot 2 or six foot ten to earn 50 powder path we put in a coworker in the hospital and he did he daughters I'd put in the hospital that does not sound like II safely working environment One name ploy he beating up another employee and putting in the hospital sounds to me like roster prosecution or a simple case or both I know this now he's injured again and he's gonna miss more time that does not sound like grounds for NBA championship so we get the straight guys who literally try to decapitated Blake during games they've taken his legs out while these indie air Dorothy Blake went to deuce they've got upside is headed Dave Scott May and the guys have taken unbelievable liberties with him and he's never Italian but apparently just broke his hand punching not a teammate right him break his hand and you Andre Jordan space i mean CP 3 seed maybe would need healing am talking junk damn try to motivate him CP three can be pretty having the people I mean that a positive sense that's not apparently without wise Not a fellow big night a teammate but apparently broke his hand end according to ESPN is not gonna be out days but weeks with any equipment staffer I mean come on they're not be true Blake honestly dad had better not veto I'm pretty sure it is but that better not be true and again you would hope this guy's a friend horse otherwise you can be looking at right him a check two over there's no prosecution involved i know you just can't go wrong punching coworkers Oh what we'll find out and discuss 6 10 2 50 how big couldn't equipment staffer be Oh please a former player and go six four six five if you believed internet and I never believe you know get internet but if you believe Internet He's not that period will find out we will find out soon enough of an Unfortunately that's drowning up the fact a Golden State's smashed the Spurs one eight hundred six three six eight six eight six that's gonna funds we go to San Antonio Andy and San Antonio Eddie it's good heavy on what's up our you know i think a gem thank you very much for having me on the show man I don't know what the chest and offensive is I work overnight but whenever I do have a day off I make sure I listen got good thank you very much what's going on a sunny mind so look man why the preface the conversation by saying Look no matter what happened last night Spurs were gonna lose that game they had ten inches I think that you know that twenty-five years old they Republican a lose that end no matter what there's only so much they could have done less ISIS I would assume that you simply offense would have named an my thought that I would think that even you wouldn't maybe say.