Why Is The History Of The Maya So Vague, Even Though They Had A Written Language?

National Geographic reporter Erik Vance explains what happened to most of the written historical materials of the Maya civilization.

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Milan, written line, how come, history is still somewhat, Lacy, , that's it, when the great frustration, Mccarthy O.D.B. did they were the only, some, the only, mets American aging culture that line which the way we would like which the way we would describe the only playing would you can really put together the sentences and and really reconstruct, unfortunately, , most of the language was written, in the books for Burns, during during the conquest, the only go as his knee when works, he knew exactly they were as the sort of these strange marking done even, but remember a couple prior to sort of, together some language with most of that was what burned, left is what was written on the building and what was written in the building, similar to what we read on buildings which are great moments, important, cultural, dumb, rallying cry, but not really wanted detail not the kind of stuff that would've been written in a book