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Fox Cubs, Their Parents and Coyotes: Here's What They Sound Like In The Wild

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I want to play some sounded to our listeners can listening to him, let me play and then maybe you can tell us what we're hearing, , but once that, yeah so this video cameras captured great because you see in and better resolution what's actually going on and then you get this audio which is haul bonus and I have achieved I'm not really sure what's going on in his native one of your collared, Fox is a better, because it in this video you see it's it's the puppies in the Hall and is looking up at its Parent and the parent is looking right down at and the pop is making nice these tacking noises, I'm I'm thinking I might be some kind of begging sounded at also sort of sort of wonderfully complaining about what his brother did to an down in the Hall close in Soest named that's not a mechanical noise that clanking that is the Pablo that's the pup that's the pup talking to its mom, wow, if anybody knows what that is stick, give us a call eight four four ahead by has some other footage where there, about a number eight four four seven two four eight two five five Levy even if you don't know what that is D. want to talk about that, this topic eight four four seven two four eight two five five years a number can also tweet is that's I fright go ahead what we're about to say well that we we has another footage of then begging where the clearly the pubs are are whiny in begging and they want them on together food or to read Thursday food pairs with regard to take so I've seen that but that tackling sound I'm not sure this is another kind of banging or some other interaction, I've got another sound bite that you gave us here is another clip from that video tram outside the foxhole and then you tell us what it is, that's a really great one and I know I know exactly what that is good with what you here in the background that's the parent Foxs barking and I've heard that when I go change the battery sometimes the Barkett me and I try to get out there as soon as I can, but in this case the video Cam a trap was triggered by Coyote, he was right there at the deck he's trying to get into the Denver used to fat to fit into the Hall This is always an eight Fox's Are Using The Dennis to protect their pop so the Coyotes they're trying to get in and, the them the mom or dad pop is it's off screens somewhere and should barking at an to try to get that Kyrie out of there and then you can hear the Coyotes footsteps as he runs away chasing you know right up towards where that sound was probably trying to chase the Fox in this case I guess it it it kind of work the Fox got the Coyote out of their bye Bye Lewin it away,