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The Big Mistakes We Make In Our Diet: Holistic Health Guru Dr Andrew Weil Explains

Medical practitioner, teacher and holistic health author Dr. Andrew Weil discusses the importance of dietary change along with with prescribed medications when it comes to health.

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"I can't tell you how many patients I've seen over the year with chronic sinus problems that resolve when they eliminate cows milk."

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So why are you so different? When did you start getting into food as nutrition and health, rather than you know, the typical AMA doctor way where it's just a prescription pad? - Well, I became interested in a lot of this before I went to medical school. I was always interested in food and cooking, I studied medical botany in college, I began reading and looking into alternative medicine in all this before I went to medical school. Then, when I got out, I realized there had to be better ways of doing things, so I traveled the world and looked for other kinds of appealing practices and gradually put together my own system and food has always been important to me. When I write a treatment plan for a patient, usually the first item is dietary change. I have often seen dietary change alone make remarkable changes in chronic health conditions. - Absolutely. What's the, you know, like has there been a consistency about one or two or three big mistakes that people make? - Well, I think, you know, first the main rule is to try to reduce the consumption of refined, processed and manufactured foods, that's what's doing us in.  It's got all the wrong stuff in it. So, if you can get people away from that, and eating more real food, as nature produces it, that's a huge step. Then there's some specific things.  I can't tell you how many patients I've seen over the year with chronic sinus problems that resolve when they eliminate cows milk in all of its form from the diet. - Sure, yeah, that was my biggest thing. That was the biggest change for me; when I gave up dairy products in 1979. That was it, my whole body changed, my breathing, every single thing. Everything, my throat, and so yeah, it makes a huge difference. So, do you think that, how do we help get the doctors on board with this? Because I think that's probably the biggest problem. - Well this is what I'm doing, the University of Arizona Center for Integrated Medicine, we train doctors. We offer fellowships, two years, very intensive fellowships for physicians and physicians assistants and nurse practitioners.  We've graduated over 1500 doctors from this program. Now, they're intensively trained in nutrition as well as all the other things , not stressed in medical school and they're practicing in all states. Many of them have authored text books. We've trained people in other countries, this is a rapidly developing field.