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Listen: "On issues from concussions to the future of the Pro Bowl"

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Al Bello
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One o six one of two and if el Commissioner Roger Goodell gave his nearly stayed in the league address on Friday ahead of the Super Bowl In issues from concussions to the future of the Pro Bowl he also welcome the Rams back home to Los Angeles with incredible Stadium complex there were exceeded all expectations of our fans or Tim a capital the world and we believe this will be transformational not just for the Rams not just for the bus Angels command but for the NFL's Super Bowl Sunday Panthers Broncos at Levi's Stadium kickoff and three thirty Pacific time USC athletic director will step down effective June thirtieth after holding the position since two thousand and ten fighting through recent health problems after he retires he will have a one-year job hitting of the renovation efforts for the Coliseum and a shell after their forty two loss to the Ducks back on Thursday the Canes now thirty one seventeen in three on the season still in first in the division next game for the Kings.