College Basketball

Listen: "The first and second rounds of the NCAA tournament"

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Streeter Lecka
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For a couple of years and a new star last week and in fate Lewis with the first and second rounds of the NCAA tournament and she he was never Braun Finn Kane eggs game winner for was confident actually talk to him right after now she's in Philadelphia to get ready for North Carolina Indiana Notre Dame Wisconsin and we'll catch up with her in the early morning to talk Pratt for that tweak eighteen pod there's going to be a busy show I just got my pet misses really just concerning I nothing to play with or just throw at the window or something I was wrong so we had a lot to get to know you can buy me on Twitter they allow radio our phone number eight five five two one two fourteen two seven are Facebook page as always we have Marco here instead of Pete so no shorts on sports I know you feel deprived no short on sports but we always loved to have Marco alongside miss working with him from the first couple of years worries during the weekend show here on the network I think the Isaacs glowing can from between like the two window is the glare everything out I'm not really sure why Tom didn't come back from Florida looking as Canada Isaac just did coming back from Elway but I'm a ninety both be because in the next two months I'm going.